Client Satisfaction

We ask all those who attend our seminars to complete a comprehensive feedback form and from this we produce management reports which enable us to identify at a very early stage areas which require improvement as well as those areas which work well.

As a result of the many years we have analysed this data we have been able to design and tailor our seminars so that they are suitable for the situations and issues that will need to be addressed by delegates with a wide range of differing circumstances.

We think the consistent results detailed below demonstrate how well we have performed in striving to achieve this goal.

Year Delegate Satisfaction Results %
2016* 99.70
2015 99.70
2014 99.66
2013 99.63
2012 99.48
2011 99.50
2010 99.54
2009 99.58
2008 99.60
2007 99.36

* Year to date