Advice Service

For the large majority of individuals approaching retirement or facing redundancy, one of the biggest fears they will have is – how they will manage financially or how will they start to plan? Even though they may realise they should seek financial advice they often don’t know where to begin or how to select the most appropriate type of Adviser. Without proper guidance individuals might not seek any advice or may approach an unsuitable or inexperienced Adviser.

Affinity Connect Limited and Affinity Financial Awareness Limited have now become a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies which offers independent financial advice and discretionary investment management services provided by my wealth.

my wealth is a trading name of Wealth at Work Limited which is also part of the Wealth at Work group of companies.

Our advice service is designed for the individual needs of your employees – to ensure that their investments are appropriately managed by; creating investment strategies that meet personal objectives which are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs, investing in the whole-of-the-market and actively managing investments so they continue to remain appropriate through changing market conditions.

Employees can have a face-to-face meeting with one of our Advisers to assess their income and investment needs, goals and risk appetite.

Our advice service covers the following:

Retirement income

We can explain the key issues surrounding retirement income, such as the options open to your employees and how our unique service offering can provide the support needed.  It is vital that employees fully understand the array of retirement income options and that they choose the most appropriate way to take their retirement income as a wrong decision can be extremely costly.

Pension planning

We can also provide a pension planning service which gives advice on making the right investment choices when saving for a pension including transferring legacy pension schemes.

Investment planning

Through our advisory and discretionary investment management service, we can provide practical guidance and advice on investing, tax planning and general money management.  We will then create an investment strategy to suit an individual based upon their attitude to risk.

Following a face to face meeting, a comprehensive report is then produced which sets out a tailored investment strategy.

For further details please contact or contact Training on 0800 019 6076 and select option 1.