Length of course:  1 day or 1/2 day


To encourage a positive and realistic approach to a financially secure retirement and help employees make informed choices about their retirement plans.


Anyone, regardless of grade considering retirement within the next three years.

Course Objectives

  • Changes in your lifestyle and options available to build a new way of life
  • Choices you need to make about your occupational pension before you leave
  • Where you can expect income from and how it is taxed differently in retirement
  • What different savings and investments can do for you
  • Why increased life expectancy escalates the dangers of inflation and how to combat it
  • How to ensure your estate is passed to your intended beneficiaries
  • How to deal with long term care costs and inheritance tax
  • Understand your next steps & where you can receive further guidance & regulated financial advice

Course Structure

Changes to your lifestyle

  • What does retirement mean?
  • Changes in the use of personal time
  • Making the most out of retirement

When can I retire?

  • Expenditure in retirement
  • Can you afford to retire?
  • Changing income needs

State Pension & benefits

  • State Pension ages
  • The new State Pension
  • Other age related benefits

Workplace pensions

  • Defined Benefit schemes
  • Defined Contribution schemes
  • Retirement ages
  • Choices at-retirement


  • How inflation can erode the value of money
  • Life expectancy

Savings & investments

  • Risk and return

Personal taxation

  • Income tax
  • Personal savings allowance
  • Tax free dividend allowance
  • Capital gains tax
  • ISAs

Estate planning

  • Inheritance tax
  • Wills and intestacy
  • Lasting Power of attorney

Long term care

  • Financial assessment

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