About Us

Affinity Connect works with employers throughout the UK in the public sector. We provide financial education to help employees make their own decisions with greater confidence during times of change such as retirement and redundancy.

Affinity Connect is a specialist provider of financial education in the workplace for the public sector and is a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies.* We help employees to make their own decisions with greater confidence during times of change such as retirement and redundancy.

*The Wealth at Work group of companies is a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace as well as regulated advice for individuals.

Our services

Our service can be delivered through seminars, workshops, bite-size presentations, workplace based clinics or financial guidance sessions either online or by telephone. They take the format of one-off events or on-going programmes. Alternatively, we can simply provide individual elements of our services to fit in with any existing arrangements you may already have in place.

Our experience

Affinity Connect has managed and delivered thousands of workplace based programmes throughout the UK and overseas.

We work extensively with local authorities, the civil service, fire and police services, the NHS and charities.

Our expertise

We provide a comprehensive range of informative, practical and enjoyable workshops addressing the issues and concerns your employees are likely to have when leaving or changing employment or at any other stage of their lives. This includes a thorough understanding of all public sector pensions.

A professionally designed, logically structured, joined-up agenda, delivered by our own team of trainers is what makes us unique and means an easy to understand, enjoyable experience for those who attend.

We manage and deliver workshop programmes, both large and small, and have considerable experience of managing internal and external Shared Service arrangements for Local Authorities and the Civil Service.

Our clients

We have longstanding relationships with our clients, including the Civil Service, Local Authorities, NHS, Fire and Police Services and Charities. We currently work with over 200 organisations.

We believe our success stems from the fact that we understand the unique cultures, structures and challenges of the different sectors we work with, as well as our uniquely designed workshops and methodology, not forgetting our efficient administrative support team.

Quality standards

We monitor and review our services closely to maintain and improve quality standards. Additionally, an on-going evaluation and review process by delegates, employers and trainers ensures that we continue to meet the high standards our clients have come to expect of us.

For further details please contact enquiries@affinityconnect.org or contact Training on 0800 0196 076.