As we are a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies, employees can also benefit from other services within the group including financial guidance and regulated financial advice, provided by my wealth. This helps individuals to understand their personal financial situation, especially when selecting their retirement income options.

This complete service offering helps employers support employees to make informed decisions in order to maximise income at-retirement

Financial Guidance

my wealth offers a financial guidance helpline for employees who need one-to-one support.

This telephone based service is available for all employees who have received financial education, and would like to speak to someone to clarify any general queries they may have of a financial nature.

This might include:

  • How to increase pension contributions
  • Support with legacy pension schemes
  • Information around the array of retirement income options available including how to take early retirement.

Regulated Financial Advice

Regulated financial advice will help your employees understand their personal financial situation, whether facing investment and tax considerations or selecting their retirement income options.

my wealth provides a regulated financial advice service which will consider all lifetime savings and pensions to provide a holistic plan for individuals and can be delivered either face-to-face or over the telephone.

This service is particularly useful to those wanting to consolidate investments or for those preparing for retirement.

* The Wealth at Work group of companies is a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace as well as regulated financial advice for individuals.