We provide a range of informative and practical financial education courses throughout the UK to ensure all employees receive the support they need.

These are delivered through workshop-based interactive sessions in the workplace. Our experience shows that this type of delivery is the best way to enhance employees’ understanding of financial issues.

As it may not be possible for every employer to facilitate their own financial education courses, we also provide ‘open courses’ where employees can attend a course which is already being run by another organisation. Please click here  for more information.

Financial education topics:

We provide a range of informative and practical financial education courses. The topics covered include:


This encourages a positive and realistic approach to help employees make informed choices about retirement plans. Our course covers changes in lifestyle, the advantages of workplace pensions and the State Pensions, tax efficiency, understanding retirement income options, maximising pension benefits and other savings as well as estate planning.


This can give employees greater confidence when faced with redundancy or leaving service early. It can help them to understand the benefits when leaving and explores ways in which to support day-to-day finances during what may be a very difficult time.

Understanding the AA & LTA

This is designed to provide an overview of the annual and lifetime allowances and an awareness of both pension limits. This can help employees understand how to avoid additional tax charges.

For further details please contact events@affinityconnect.org or contact Training on 0800 019 6076.