Mid-career financial planning

Length of mid-career financial planning course: 2 hours
Summary: You will be able to identify what your employer and the state provides for you compared to what you would like or need in key areas of financial planning during your working life, and if there are any shortfalls, what your options are.
Aimed at: Individuals wishing to take control of their finances for a secure future.

 Course objectives:

  • To raise awareness of key financial planning issues relevant to your working life, and how to plan for them in the most tax efficient and cost effective way
  • To understand what the state and the employer provide in the event of each of these key areas and the options if you have a shortfall
  • To encourage personal responsibility for financial security
  • To encourage greater confidence in financial matters through increased financial knowledge
  • Understand your next steps & where you can receive further guidance & advice

  Course structure:


  • Types of mortgages
  • Help to Buy ISA
  • Lifetime ISA

Understanding your pension savings

  • Life expectancy
  • Defined Benefit schemes
  • Defined Contribution schemes
  • Example of pension calculations
  • Retirement ages Increasing pension saving
  • Tax relief & limits

State pension & benefits

  • State pension ages
  • The new state pension

Investing for the future

  • Risk and return
  • Types of risk

 Tax efficiency

  • Income tax Personal savings allowance
  • Tax free dividend allowance
  • Capital gains tax
  • ISAs

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mid career financial planning course description (348 downloads)


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