Helping you to help your employees

Affinity Connect is a specialist provider of financial education in the workplace for the public sector.

Our aim is to reduce stress and worry and to improve the outcome for each individual member of staff. We achieve this through the provision of clear information and guidance, helping them to make appropriate and informed decisions.

In conjunction with our optional employer support service we can reduce the resources required to manage these situations and help employees move on feeling that their employer provided constructive support at a time they really needed it.

Our service areas include:

Our services can be delivered through seminars, workshops, bite-size presentations, workplace based clinics, individual coaching and financial guidance sessions either online or by telephone.

Our services can be delivered through either one-off events or on-going programmes, and can be held at the employers’ premises or an external venue. Alternatively, we can simply provide individual elements of our services to fit in with any existing arrangements you already have in place.

For further details please click on the relevant links above or contact  or call Training on 0800 019 6076.