Length of course: 1 hour (online)


This course is designed to provide employees with an overview of some of the key decisions to consider with their pensions. This will include understanding the valuable tax relief opportunities available, the limits applied to obtain tax relief and the consequences of exceeding the limits, including actions to consider with their pensions.

Aimed at

Those nearing retirement and want to further fund pensions and higher earners who are:

  • Looking to maximise their pension savings and tax relief opportunities, or
  • Concerned they may exceed the limits

Learning Objectives

  • Maximise the opportunities for funding pensions
  • Understand the potential issues with the Annual Allowance and tax free cash restriction
  • Situations where these limits may be higher or lower
  • Understand how the pension tax allowances are calculated
  • Be clear on the actions that can be taken
  • Understand the next steps and where to receive further guidance and investment advice

Course Structure

  • Pension saving and tax relief allowances
  • The Annual Allowance
  • Higher and lower annual allowances
  • Restricted Annual Allowance
  • The retirement Tax Free Cash allowance
  • Next steps

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